Mart van Hulten

Mart van Hulten


Mart van Hulten joined Lubbers, Boer & Douma as a tax lawyer in July 2020. He is also an assistant professor of European and international taxation and of Dutch corporate taxation at the Fiscal Institute of Tilburg University. 

Prior to joining Lubbers, Boer & Douma, Mart worked at one of the Big Four’s international and European corporate tax advisory practice for 12 years. Mart is annotator for NLFiscaal and NTFR, two weekly tax journals (in Dutch). Other contributions of Mart to academic literature can for instance be found in the Journal of International Taxation, EC Tax Review, and in Intertax. In December 2019, Mart successfully defended his PhD thesis at Tilburg University, titled ‘Aiming for Well-Being through Taxation: A Framework of Caution and Restraint for States’.

Other positions

  • Assistant professor at the Fiscal Institute of Tilburg University
  • Case law commentator at NTFR and NLFiscaal

Featured publications

  • Is the symmetrical classification method EU proof?, together with A.J.A. Stevens, EC Tax Review 2022/6, October 2022
  • State aid: differentiation by double taxation (Fossil, C-705/20), together with A. Kardachaki, EU Law Live, 20 October 2022
  • Lexel AB: market conformity, artificiality and economic integration (original title: marktconformiteit, kunstmatigheid en economische integratie), 28 October 2021, Weekblad fiscaal recht 2021/201, 7403, p. 1438-1447
  • The Green Deal consultations: Well-being aims and tax related reforms, december 2020, EC Tax Review 2020/6, p. 263-270