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New hires

One may be able to assess how a job applicant comes across in a job interview, but his or her tax technical capabilities are much more difficult to determine. Does the job applicant have the right knowledge and competencies to really function as an asset to your organization? Since the tests currently on the market are not suitable to answer this question with sufficient precision, Lubbers, Boer & Douma has developed a ‘knowledge test’ which rates the candidate's technical knowlegde, competencies and a number of essential personal characteristics.

Assessment day

The test takes place during an assessment day in our offices in The Hague. The candidate will work on a number of assignments, both multiple choice and open questions. For this purpose, we have developed special software. Candidates who have experienced the assessment day are very positive about our approach which is often characterized as a ‘breath of fresh air’ in comparison with traditional assessments.


We have carefully examined which competencies a tax professional should normally possess. The test developed by us takes account of the following.

Tax technical knowledge

  • Knowledge of substantive and procedural tax law
  • General knowledge of the code of conduct of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs)


  • Language skills
  • The analysis of Supreme Court judgments
  • Identification and weighing of relevant facts and circumstances
  • Writing and reviewing professional tax advice
  • Giving open and honest feedback to others

Essential characteristics

  • Being able to review critically
  • Accuracy
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency

Assessment report

You will receive an assessment report which gives full insight into the candidate’s capabilities. These are rated on a 5 points scale with great detail. The report is concluded by advice with respect to the candidate's future development.

Our clients

Many organizations have used our tax technical ‘kowledge tests’, including reputable tax advisory firms and the judiciary. We have been able to achieve a high rate of satisfaction among our clients.