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In 2018, Frederik Boulogne has joined the team of Lubbers, Boer & Douma. With Frederik, we cover the full spectrum of domestic, international and European tax law. 

Frederik Boulogne

Frederik Boulogne

Lubbers, Boer & Douma

Frederik Boulogne joined Lubbers, Boer & Douma in February 2018. Prior to that he worked for almost ten years in the tax advisory practice of a Big Four firm (in Amsterdam and Singapore). In 2016, Frederik defended his doctoral thesis “Shortcomings in the EU Merger Directive” at the VU University Amsterdam. A year later, he received the prestigious “European Academic Tax Thesis Award 2017” for this work. Frederik studied Tax Law in Groningen. For his master’s thesis, he received the “Grote Financiën Prijs 2008” from then Minister of Finance Wouter Bos.

Frederik is an expert in the area of international and European tax law. His areas of interest are topics such as the fundamental freedoms, fiscal State aid, the EU directives and international arbitration. He regularly speaks about these topics at international conferences.

Other positions:

  • Researcher VU University Amsterdam
  • Editor case law journal BNB and annotator NLFiscaal

Other publications:

  • Reviewing the OECD’s and the EU’s Assessment of Singapore’s Development and Expansion Incentive, SMU- TA CET paper / SSRN SMU School of Accountancy Research Paper series, Singapore, 2018 (forthcoming)
  • Time, Tax, and the Merger Directive, in: W. Haslehner, A. Rust and G.W. Kofler, Time & Tax, Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2018 (forthcoming)
  • Country report The Netherlands, The notion of tax and the elimination of international double taxation or double non-taxation (IFA Cahier Volume 101b), SDU, The Hague, 2016 (with Alexander Bosman)
  • Shortcomings in the EU Merger Directive (Series on International Taxation, vol. 57), Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 2016

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Contact details

Dr. G.F. Boulogne
Zuid-Hollandlaan 7
2596 AL `s-Gravenhage
+31 (0) 6 43 88 20 44