Our vision

Lubbers, Boer & Douma is all about the value of personal expertise. Our deep understanding of national, international and EU Tax Law contributes to the assessment of tax professionals (knowledge tests) and analysis of tax technical issues (tax opinions). We work with highly reputable audit and law firms, but we also assist companies and individuals directly.

Since we don’t have an interest in the outcome of a knowledge test in the course of a new hire or promotion, we are capable of rendering an independent view on the competencies of the individual concerned. A fair and objective assessment is what matters. This is similarly true for our tax opinions. Because we have not been involved in preceding advice or other developments, we are able to render an objective view on the point of law at issue. We may give our independent view in he form of an Opinion, but also directly vis-a-vis the relevant authorities and courts. We will represent our clients in court if necessary.

We provide services with integrity and a personal and customized approach. Confidentiality is key. We will get to the bottom of what’s really important to you and and we’ll get it done.

Lubbers, Boer & Douma stands for tax technical top quality. We are all professors of tax law with wide experience in private practice. We combine top notch academic knowledge and insights with a practical approach. In this way, we make difficult problems simple, transparent and more easy to solve.

We have a broad orientation in domestic and international tax law (direct taxation). In a number of areas we have specialized knowledge, such as personal and corporate income tax, procedural tax law (litigation at administrative and court level), tax treaties and EU Tax Law (State aid and internal market law). 


Lubbers, Boer & Douma is an independent firm with a high academic profile. As such, we are able to render an objective and expert view in difficult cases:

  • we have not been involved in the circumstances which have lead to the issue you are now facing
  • we are independent from large audit and consultancy firms


Integrity means fair, open and honest interaction, with respect for each other’s interests. It’s all about simple things such as doing what you say, being transparent, and taking postions based on a verifiable and logical reasoning. We preserve the confidentiality of personal data with the greatest care. 

Personal service

Personal service is very important to Lubbers, Boer & Douma. Our clients may count on our personal availability and accountability. This is why we work directly with and for our clients. You can contact us directly and you may expect a personal answer from one of us.