Professional support

Lubbers, Boer & Douma is a sounding board for tax advisors, lawyers and in-house tax specialists who are looking for extra knowledge and experience to clarify and solve a complicated tax issue. Our clients are often renowned tax consultancy and law firms in the Netherlands and abroad and in-house tax specialists with businesses and nonprofit organizations.

For these clients, we answer substantive questions, develop solution strategies, offer legal arguments and give feedback on letters addressed to the tax authorities or on procedural documents. In some cases we write (procedural) documents on request and partake in client meetings and discussions with the tax authorities.

We provide our clients reassurance and ensure that they can deliver added value to their clients with an optimal solution strategy, pointed arguments and solid (procedural) documents. 

We serve as a silent force in the background. We expressly offer our services while preserving existing (advisory) relationships: we do not take clients from our clients.

In practice

Professional support provided to a tax consultancy firm How Lubbers, Boer & Douma became an attractive alternative to an in-house knowledge center

We were first approached in 2016 when a tax consultancy firm asked whether we could provide professional support services. The firm had a need for targeted professional support for their tax consultants. In Lubbers, Boer & Douma the firm found a flexible alternative for a knowledge center, which could be called upon for a fixed number of hours a month when professional support is needed in complex cases. This way professional support can be relied upon when needed, without having to set up an entire knowledge center: quick and dependable access to quality that can make a difference!

Today we have a similar professional support arrangement with a number of tax consultancy firms. For example, we participate in technical meetings, act as a sounding board in substantive and strategic discussions. Furthermore, we offer assistance in complicated cases and proceedings by providing our expert input to reach solutions for clients. On request, we can participate in meetings with the tax authorities.